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The advantages of our Food Aerosols


Perfectly dosable

Olive oil spray and other lubricants or foodstuffs in aerosol form can be dosed accurately. You use exactly the amount you need, not a gram more or less.


GHIANT food aerosols can be used for baking, frying, grilling, roasting, barbecuing and wokking. You can also use them to make dressings, lively up salads and finish pizzas. You can use numerous other flavours in aerosol form to prepare dishes or garnish plates.

Easy to use

Food aerosols are handy and simple to use on an everyday basis. They can be applied in no time. This fast, easy and smooth use - time and time again - increases the efficiency and the enjoyment, which is much appreciated by both professional and hobby chefs. Our oil sprays can reach the smallest corners and edges of any pan or baking tray which prevents them from burning so doing the dishes also becomes a lot easier.

Health and wellbeing

Our food aerosols do not contain any preservatives.
Is 100% protected against air, light and oxidation
GHIANT food aerosols are 100% leak proof. The packaging protects the product from light and air, food’s greatest enemies. This is why our aerosols do not need to be stored in the fridge.

Non perishable

Due to the complete sealing system, food aerosols can be kept a lot longer so the product quality is guaranteed from the beginning to the end of use.
Tasty, always and everywhere
Because the product is always kept in the best conditions, the natural flavour remains until the very last drop. Because the product is applied evenly, the flavour remains even in the entire preparation.


Food aerosols do not leave unwanted traces. The content can only be in two places: in the packaging or exactly where you want, and nowhere else. Messing about with brushes, spoons or spatulas is a thing of the past. No more greasy bottles and unmanageable cans. Gone are the oily puddles and greasy stains on your worktop, which does not only look better, but is also much more hygienic regarding bacteria due to the use of aerosols. Moreover, it also works the other way round: no bacteria can get into food aerosols.


Due to their perfect dosability, food aerosols are extremely economical to use. Nothing is wasted and you never use more than you want to. It’s remarkable how long an aerosol lasts.


Our aerosol packaging is strong and unbreakable. It’s fine if you accidentally drop one.


Due to their cylinder shape, food aerosols take up almost no space on your worktop or in your supply cupboard.

Ready to grab

Because food aerosols tower above most other products and cooking utensils, they are eye-catching and always ready.


The used propellants only apply the content of the aerosols onto your food, without diluting the content or influencing the original flavour.


Appearances also count. The dish looks very tasty because of the even application. Salads are shiny, vegetables look great,