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Why use Ghiant Food Aerosols?


Food professionals – and an increasing number of hobby chefs – have high standards. They can meet these high demands by using GHIANT products. For instance, when baking flour products, GHIANT oil sprays really prove their functionality. But they are also perfect for grilling or roasting meat.

You moisten the food with a light, smooth oil coating in no time. Messing about with brushes or spatulas is a thing of the past and your worktop stays clean. Because the product is dosed so precisely and can be applied so evenly, the result looks marvellous, tastes wonderful and does not contain more fat than you want.

Shake the aerosol before use. Hold the canister upside down and spray in a circling motion from a 15 to 20 cm distance for two to three seconds. That’s all there is to it. Fast, simple and hygienic.

The possibilities of GHIANT products are endless: baking, wokking, grilling, roasting, barbecuing... you can coat any type of kitchen utensil and any ingredient with our oil sprays. Or you can use them to liven up salads, make dressings or finish pizzas...

With the Ghiant aerosols you make life in your professional kitchen or at home much simpler! You can reach the smallest corners and edges of any pan or baking tray, also in between the grooves of a grill pan where set lubricants or normal oil cannot reach or reaches after some time. This will prevent your pans or baking trays from burning and doing the dishes becomes a lot easier.

Apart from oil sprays Ghiant also offers savoury sprays with various flavours (mushroom, fish, garlic, etc.) for dressing or flavouring your dishes. They offer the finishing touch that turns any dish into a feast.